“Guest Artists’ Print Reveal”: A 3-Woman show of Photobased work

Vancouver’s Capture Photography Festival continues online!

We’re glad to share the guest and resident artists’ adventures in Churchland Studios.

The studio was being cleaned and spiffed up for your visit. The light! the colour! the beautiful papers! the soaring ceilings! 

Now that we’re keeping safe inside and social distancing during this historic time, I’ll take you through our exhibition print by print, day by day, right here!


The Witching Wand © Sally Buck

The Witching Wand © Sally Buck. The Witching Wand or Divining Rod was used as far back as the 16th century – a Y-shaped tool to help in the search for fresh water. The user would hold each fork with each hand, the free end held over ground to sense the resources below the surface. Its bowing, affirmative activity meant different things as the centuries progressed, confirming natural or supernatural sources – from waters and minerals to the devil and sorcerers. As glaciers dry and crack, what will our plants tell us about ourselves?


Crystal Teeth © Sally Buck.

Crystal Teeth © Sally Buck. In Crystal Teeth I wanted to evoke the sensations of heat and cold, dark depths and close light, the smells of succulents in sun and of wet, forest ice. These objects don’t belong together in nature. But within this frame they could be close relatives…


A Single Flower as Yet to Bloom. 2020. © Sally Buck. As Robert Frost would say, it’s the “Mud Time.” When the sun is out and it feels like May. But
“if you so much as dare to speak,
a cloud comes over the unlit arch,
a wind comes off a frozen peak,
and you’re two months back in the middle of March.”
Our innate sense of time has liquefied these days. The edges of each hour are blurry, the difference of days less important during the covid-19 lockdown.
For me, that feels very comfortable. But,
The natural world is supposed to measure time. Adhere to temperature. Keep to the calendar.
And yet seasonal beings climb into others’ lairs.
Part of the exhibition “Guest Artists’ Print Reveal”: A 3-Woman show of Photobased Art. Vancouver’s Torrie Groening, Los Angeles-based Francesca Pastine and I were guests and resident artists in Churchland Studios during 2019-20, creating one new series each.
Participants in Vancouver’s Capture Photography Festival.