Sally Buck, Kent Lins and VanGalleries in DISPLACEMENT: The Exhibit

Saturday Nov 2 to Sunday Nov 10, 2019

Displacement was a multi-venue, salon-style exhibition mounted by the Eastside Culture Crawl Society in Vancouver, Canada. This special exhibit addressed the issue of disappearing, affordable, artistic production spaces – by raising awareness of the artistic loss to our community. It featured work by artists who have faced the challenges of eviction, or, have found ways to survive displacement. 

VanGalleries is one way we choose to thrive during Displacement.

In April 2018 Kent Lins and I launched VanGalleries – a mobile gallery made of 2 rental vans. We customised the vans to display art, building false walls for hanging art and podiums for screen-based imagery, and designing vinyl banners for the vans’ exteriors. We parked in 10 different locations in the city in one month. The time spent outside with people in neighbourhoods talking about art, looking at VanGalleries’ art, brainstorming about housing and affordability, and sharing experiences was second to none.


3 Photographs of VanGalleries Appeared in DISPLACEMENT: The Exhibition 

281 Industrial Ave

Exhibit Dates:
November 2 – November 10, 2019
Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm – 6pm
*Open late Thurs, Nov 7 until 8pm

Kent Lins and Sally Buck were on site Thursday Nov 7, 6-8PM, and Sunday Nov 10, 2pm – 6pm.

Juried by Paul de Guzman, Eri Ishii, and Connie Sabo.

Featuring works by:   Sorour Abdollahi, Andrea Armstrong, Chris Blades, Kexin Chen, Christian Dahlberg, Dorothy Doherty, Edzy Edzed, Penny Eisenberg, Britta Fluevog, Lee Gerlach, Jenny Hawkinson, Jason Husmillo, Hugh Kearney, Golnaz Kianipour, Jo Ann Kronquist, Benjamin & Jonathan Lee, Alan Storey, Francis Tiffany, VanGalleries (Sally Buck & Kent Lins), David Tycho, Marion Webber, Jerry Whitehead, Shirley Wiebe.  

Surprise! Another way we thrive during Displacement


My SHIPS on display in my “Trench Gallery” – at the opening of DISPLACEMENT: The ExhibitPhoto by Kent Lins



Sally Buck and Kent Lins walk the red carpet of Displacement: The Exhibition with their trench coats full of art!
Photo by Dina Goldstein


Sally Buck with Esther Rausenberg, Director of the Eastside Culture Crawl. Photo by Malcolm Parry


Sally Buck with artist Torrie Groening at the opening of Displacement: The Exhibit. Groening is hosting Buck as Guest Artist in her studio.


“While some works are centered around the theme of eviction, displacementand shifting demographics, we also seek to illustrate the range of artwork that our city is losing and will continue to lose due to the displacement of artists. The contribution of arts and culture is integral to the identity of our city and the threat to viable artist space is a threat to the very core of a healthy vibrant community. More needs to be done to raise awareness, to provide assistance, and to advocate for preserving the spaces essential for artists to carry out their work. It is more important now than ever to share artists’ stories of survival and ways of coping with displacement. Our urban landscape is rapidly changing and we must take action. This exhibition hopes to demonstrate the need for stronger support by civic and provincial governments to protect and encourage the development of affordable, safe and sustainable artist production spaces.” – Eastside Culture Crawl Society

Thank you everyone who came to see the show!


A City Without Art? No Net Loss, Plus!   presents the findings of a comprehensive survey conducted by the Eastside Culture Crawl Society in 2019 to inventory artist production spaces in the city’s industrial areas. Captured through the ECCS’s database, interviews, online artist surveys, discussions with building owners, and site-specific research, results reflect both existing as well as historical data and identify land use trends.