In these photomontages, the subjects and objects of climate change collide and transform.

Ice quickens to filaments like the spikes of neighbouring cacti. Waves break across the tips of cherry trees. A flowering hydrangea melds with diamond plate aluminum, extracting shades of silver and blue. A lupin dances with animated fire, fortifying the soil it will leave behind. Ginkgo leaves radiate ancient light above earthy, sedimentary rock, auguring the speed of change to come.

Creating meaning starts with what is shown. Will species out-wit their circumstances – like oysters that band together to clean the ocean floor? Can plants adapt, climb hills to cooler air? Will ecosystems falter and fade away, or will we see wittily reconfigured sea life, forests, marshlands and meadows?

What on earth is going to happen?

The viewer is invited to feel and know their way towards the answers. Experience, stories and research; empathy, imagination and climate anticipation; what is the combination that can achieve climate resolution?

These artworks aim to be the sites of both the launching point and temporaneous arrival of your active, ongoing interpretations.