People and Art


Birthe Piontek Opening, Access Gallery 


When I do street photography, I’m looking for chance encounters between people and their surroundings. 

I look at the scene in front of me as a 2-dimensional surface, like a modernist painting about-to-be, made up of moving lines, colour and rhythm. Press my camera shutter – the movement stops and the action freezes. 

The result might just be interesting in the abstract, shapes of positive and negative space moving the eye in a pleasing way. Or, a curious story could appear with a person’s presence.

After working in museums for decades, their galleries are my favourite “streets.”


Sensing a Rebecca Chaperon portal over one’s shoulder, Winsor Gallery opening


Winsor Gallery opening


Art Basel Miami


Art Basel Miami


Fucci painting, Winsor Gallery


Interpreting Matt Browning’s “Untitled,” Vancouver Art Gallery


Appreciating Sonny Assu’s digital interventions with Emily Carr paintings, Vancouver Art Gallery


Art Basel Miami


Enjoying a Paul Morstad watercolour


At Anthony Goicolea’s “Double Projection Shadow Portrait 2 (2017)